01. The victim died from a [lethal] blow to the head.
02. Marilyn Monroe died after taking a [lethal] dose of sleeping pills.
03. He is a karate expert, and his hands are [lethal] weapons.
04. The police were obliged to use [lethal] force to stop the man from killing his children.
05. The chemicals being poured into the water by the factories are [lethal] to fish living in the river.
06. The prisoner was executed by [lethal] injection at 10:00 this morning.
07. The junkie died after injecting himself with a [lethal] dose of high-grade heroin.
08. [Lethal] fumes released from a Union Carbide plant resulted in thousands of deaths in Bhopal, India.
09. Shanahan and Yzerman have proved to be a [lethal] combination for the Detroit team.
10. Ebola is one of the most [lethal] viruses known to medical science.
11. When a person drives while drunk, his car may be turned into a [lethal] weapon.
12. Chocolate can be [lethal] to dogs; as little as two ounces of milk chocolate can be poisonous for a 10-pound puppy.
13. A car is a potentially [lethal] weapon in the hands of a dangerous driver.
14. Adolf Hitler's favorite dog, Blondi, an Alsatian, was used to make sure his cyanide capsules were [lethal]. Hitler used the cyanide to commit suicide only after he saw it worked on Blondi.
15. Someone once said that the only [lethal] dose of marijuana is a 2-kilo block dropped on your head from the 25th floor of a high-rise building.
16. An accident at an industrial plant in the city saw [lethal] poisons released into the atmosphere, killing a dozen people, and sending almost a hundred to hospital.
17. In the 1930s, the Nazis began murdering physically and mentally disabled people by gas, [lethal] injection and forced starvation.
18. Certain viruses have become more [lethal] in the past few years, and are even affecting people who are normally very healthy.

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